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Simple Eating is Eating Healthfully

It’s not complicated to eat healthy, people just make it so. Healthy choices are made when you eat foods in their natural state and don’t choose those that have a long list of ingredients. You can see plant based recipe cookbook for more information.

In order to simplify my diet, I try to keep my mindset flexible. That’s why, I am a flexitarian. I mostly eat plant-based meals but occasionally eat poultry or fish. No matter if you are vegan, a meat-eater, or anywhere in the middle, eating a high plant-based diet is one of THE healthiest diets that anyone can eat. According to hundreds of scientific studies, a high-fruit and vegetable diet can reduce the risk of several cancers.

Some people say that you cannot be just a “little” vegetarian. But a diet that consists of mostly fruit, veggies, legumes and the occasional meat can actually be quite healthy. You can drive yourself nuts trying to fall perfectly into a specific category–vegetarian, pescatarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian or vegan, but the reality is that that only 2 to 3 percent of the American population is vegetarian. Believe me, those who make the effort deserve praise.

Here are some more helpful hints to help you eat healthy, no matter what your eating style is. These are a few more tips on how to make sure you’re eating as healthily as possible no matter what kind of food style you have.

Limit your consumption of meat. Meat (especially red meat) is rich in saturated fat and increases the risk of obesity and heart disease. You can decrease your chances of developing chronic diseases that are preventable, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and weight gain, by reducing your meat intake. Meatless Monday encourages people to go without meat one day a weeks. Meatless Mondays can help you be healthier and conserve precious resources such as fossil fuel and freshwater.

Buy local, and shop seasonally. The people who grow, cook and consume their own foods and maintain such high standards have my highest respect. You can buy local and shop at farmers’ markets. I support this. When you visit a conventional grocery store, shop the perimeter where healthier food is located. Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables if you want to save money. You can find out what to buy organic (and not).

Cook at home. There’s no secret that cooking at home with fresh ingredients is better for you. It allows you to be in control of what you’re eating, and it also helps you avoid the excess calories found in restaurants. When you cook with fresh, natural ingredients, you avoid the unhealthy additives and sodium found in packaged, processed foods.

Share recipes with your family and close friends. Every time my daughter brings me a vegan recipe to try, I am always excited. All of my clients that want to switch to healthy foods can also get my Choose This book. It is full of easy and delicious recipes.