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You can learn to paint and become a master at it if you choose a good home study course

We want to be able to understand and apply what we have learned in our art classes whether at home, a university, or even a local center. It is important that you give the painting classes as much attention as possible. You should consider The Tingology the following points before selecting a course for oil painting at home.

Does the paint course match your current skills in painting?

Painting lessons can be tailored to suit a range of abilities. You might find that one course is for only beginners. Other painting courses may presume that you are already familiar with how brushes should be cleaned, or different brush strokes. To get the best painting lessons, it is essential to choose courses at a level below or equal to your own current ability.

Is the level of difficulty increasing?

You will learn how to paint professionally by taking a course that starts at the very beginning and moves up in difficulty. One course’s difficulty level may confuse or bore the most advanced students. If a course is designed to teach beginners how to paint, it should first show them how to paint brushes, and then how to paint. Students would get frustrated by starting with still lifes. The painting course you choose should allow for progression from easy to difficult.

What is included with the video DVD?

Painting lessons on DVD must be full-length. Short video clips don’t cut it! If you want to understand and learn how to paint oil or acrylic, it is important to be able watch the entire painting tutorial on video. There is no short clip, and the quality of any video painting lessons is likely to be poor.

Do you have a clear voice and can you easily understand what the painter is saying?

It is essential to have the ability to hear and understand an artist’s voice in order to truly master oil paintings. You need someone who can explain the steps clearly. This course won’t be very useful if there is poor audio, or if directions are not clear.

Does this course have a manual?

is a great way to teach painting. However, if you want to really learn how to paint and become a master at it, you should have a book or worksheet that will tell you the exact content of each lesson. Also you can see what materials are required for you to perform an exercise. If you are doing a painting lesson of still lifes, then specific brushes will be needed, as well an object such as fruit, or a bouquet. There will be specific colors to paint with. The lesson book will help a child to become prepared.