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Inside and Outside House Painting Techniques

No professional painting skills are required to paint an interior. Although some people are willing to paint the outside of their home themselves, many homeowners prefer to hire painters. There are several tips that will make residential painting a success, no matter what the circumstances – check this out!

Preparing the room before painting interiors involves removing furniture from the space, covering the flooring with a dropcloth and taping the cloth to the floorboards, removing the outlet plates, as well as taped off areas that should be protected. You should also wear clothes for painters because they can get dirty. Assure that the area is well ventilated and apply at least three coats, two primer coats and one finish coat. Painting corners and where the ceiling meets a wall or anywhere else that a rolling pin cannot fit is important. Break out the roller pan, and then the roller. To prevent the paint from drying, only fill a tiny amount into the pan. You should start quickly to ensure that your brushed paint doesn’t dry out. So, the paints will be able to blend. When you are painting your home, have rags and paint brushes at hand for any drips.

As everyone can see your exterior house painting, it is best to leave this job up to professionals. It is important to wash the surfaces before painting. The use of high-pressure water can be effective. Use sandpaper to scrape off cracked or chipped exterior paint, and then patch any cracks and holes. Caulk joints and corners. Repair serious issues with epoxy. And sand any rough, glossy surface. If paint will not come off, remove light fixtures, screens and dropcloths. It is the same as painting interiors, except that you will use one primer coat, followed by two coats. You can apply a painters’ brush to all wood surfaces. Use a roller for the rest.

The process of house painting may sound simple but, due to heights and the use of ladders and platforms for exterior work, this is something that should be left up to professionals. While residential painting may not be the most enjoyable activity, you can make the experience more enjoyable with the help of a good friend, some music and the company of others. It is definitely worth the time and effort to do it right.