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Tower of London: A visit

The Tower of London ranks among the oldest and best preserved buildings around the globe. Tower of London served to both protect England from enemies as well as serve as the palace of the royal family. It is essential for first-time Londoners, and those who are returning to London after a long absence. You can get the best guide on Crown Jewel Tour.

Since 1078 the Tower of London was manned by yeoman warders. The Tower of London is watched over by warders who ensure all buildings in the Tower of London are safe against intrusions. Since its inception, all yeomans warders must swear to serve the Tower of London. In the past, yeomans warders performed their duties while wearing simple clothes. However, they now wear clothing that is more formal.

Tower of London’s reputation has grown over the years due to the large number of people who have been killed there. Anne Boleyn’s 1530 execution, as Henry VIII’s wife number two. Henry was convinced that she committed adultery. The same thing happened to Sir Walter Raleigh. An explorer who went on a journey in the Americas, he fell out-of-favor with Elizabeth. It took him twelve long years to get out of the tower, only to return for two brief years later and be beheaded.

Tower of London has played a major role in many of the most important moments of London’s, as well as England’s, history. The Crown Jewels are also kept in the Tower of London. Unknown is the value of the entire collection of gemstones and gold. Kings and Queens from all ages have worn the items in the collection. Because they have only been worn recently, but during key events in history, crown jewels are extremely valuable.

This ceremony is among the oldest still existing ceremonies. Each evening, during the ceremony of the keys, London Tower is ceremonially locked. This ceremony has been performed the same every single evening for over seven hundred years. Before 10pm every night, the chief is brought from a tower byward with the traditional candle-lit lantern. They proceed to the location of the Bloody Tower. When the door locks, the chief guard and the sentry begin the exchange.

“Who is there?” “The Keys” “Who’s Keys?” “Queen Elizabeth Keys'” “Pass Queen Elizabeth Keys-All’s Well”. The Tower of London, a building rich in history. Visits to the tower are a fantastic learning opportunity for adults as well as children. It is possible to discover something new each time that you visit the Tower.

Guests can visit the Tower of London almost everyday of the calendar year. Christmas Day is closed, as are Boxing Day (Boxing Day), New Years Day, Christmas Eve. Admission is not free and depends on your age, as well as the size of your group. Visits to the Towers can vary depending on when you visit. So, if you don’t know London well check out the times before booking your flight to be certain you will have time to enjoy the towers. Tower hill Tube Station can be easily accessed, as are several bus stations.